Why Bed’r Mattress is Your Premier Knoxville Mattress Store

If you suspect you’re in need of a new mattress, but are dragging your heels at the thought of the time and frustration involved, perhaps you’re visiting the wrong mattress stores. No two mattress stores are the same; and there’s never a best time to buy a mattress. But some stores do stand out among the rest, and when you find that special Knoxville mattress store, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Bed’r Mattress is One of the Good Guys

Bed’r Mattress is an outstanding Knoxville mattress store, and one you definitely want to give some consideration to. Our team of trained sales associates have a common goal: to make your mattress purchase decision as easy and pleasurable as possible. They smile when they see you walk in, and they’re ready to help in any way they can. How refreshing!

We Start with Questions

You’ll notice right away that our salespeople ask a lot of questions. We’re not trying to get in your business; rather, we’ve found that asking a series of questions is the best way for us to determine your current mattress situation, and gather enough information to know which new mattress is a good fit for you. It may seem a little personal. But our intent is to point you toward the best sleep system for you, based on your sleep needs and preferences, as well as your history with your current mattress. We have to get to know you in order to help you.

We Also Provide Answers

We don’t do all the asking. We invite you to ask questions, too. Our professional sales staff has been extensively trained on every mattress we sell. They know the ins and outs of each one, when they’re a good fit for a customer, when they’re not, and when to suggest a specialty item. All this is based on the answers to the questions they asked, as well as the questions you’re asking. We want to take the confusion out of buying a new mattress, so ask any question you think of. We’d love to answer it!

Customer Service is Our #1 Goal

At our Knoxville mattress store, we aim to please, and we go to great lengths to make sure our customers are happy. Go ahead, lie down on that mattress that looks inviting. You won’t know how it feels if you don’t try it out. We also stand behind our mattress recommendations. We realize that lying on a mattress in a store is a completely different experience from sleeping on a new mattress in your own home. That’s why we back our recommendations with this: In the rare instance where you’ve slept on your new mattress for 100 days and don’t feel better than you did sleeping on your old mattress, we’ll happily replace it with another option that might work better.

No, not all mattress stores are created equal. But at Bed’r Mattress, we strive to be the best Knoxville mattress store in town. Come visit us the next time you need a new mattress. You’ll be glad you did.

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