We encounter countless toxins, allergens and chemicals in our daily life. Second hand smoke, pollen, vehicle emissions, pesticides are all real daily threats to our health. Give yourself an escape at night with an organic mattress from Bed’r Mattress.

Why Is Sleeping Clean Important?

When we sleep at night our bodies are working hard restore and repair for the next day. A clean sleep environment on an organic mattress can allow your mind and body to prepare to serve you best.

Can I Get Clean Sleep Without Buying A New Mattress?

If you’re not ready to replace your mattress there are still things you can do to get cleaner sleep. Switch out your laundry detergent to a scent free, dye free option. Remove fragranced candles from the bedroom. Add in an air purifier. Purchase an organic pillow or mattress topper. These changes may seem small but they can bring large rewards to your sleeping health.

What Organic Mattresses Do You Carry?

We are proud to offer Essentia® – The World’s Only Natural Memory Foam Mattress in our stores. In addition, we design and manufacture our own organic mattress line ONLY found in Bed’r Mattress stores called Float and Simply Bed’r ! We also carry Nature’s Spa as featured in Blackberry Farm resort in our Simply Bed’r – Organic Mattress Gallery.

We love helping people sleep bed’r! Email us at info@bedrmattress.com!