It can be daunting to decide which mattress type is best for your needs. At Bed’r Mattress our team is trained to ask simple, purposeful questions to help narrow down your options. Some questions that we hear often:

Do I have to have memory foam?

No! We still offer traditional mattresses including 2 sided flippable options. Not everyone loves the feel of foam and we get that! We even have ultra-firm options for those who really want or need mattress of that support.

What is latex foam?

There are different forms of latex and we have many options to choose from! 100% natural latex mattresses are sourced from the protein in the sap of the Brazilian rubber tree. These would be the most natural as well as expensive latex option. A “natural latex” mattress should include at least 80% natural latex and should be more affordable. Latex is very supportive and a quality ingredient, but it is not for everyone, especially those with a latex allergy. 

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid mattress often offers the best of both worlds. There are varying comfort levels to choose and they typically include a combination of foam and innerspring technologies. Additionally, hybrids are easier on the budget

Can you help me sleep cooler?

This is one we hear ALL the time. Many memory foams actually heat up as they conform to your body making them sleep hot. We have advanced cooling technologies in our Bed’r Mattresses to help with this! From sleep cool covers, sheets and actual cooling properties inside the mattress itself we have this problem solved.

Don’t try to go it alone, let us help you decide what mattress type suits you best! We can provide you with a customized mattress prescription or you can sort some options right now with our FREE 5 question quiz .