Brand new to our showroom floors is the brand new Bed’r Nights Collection for 2020! These new mattresses have been in development for years and we are thrilled to offer them in our stores. The Bed’r Night’s Collection can beat the comfort, price and warranties of the most expensive mattresses on the market.

What makes the Bed’r Nights Collection stand out among the competition of national brands?

Stay Cool

The Bed’r Nights Collection is available with Inn’r cool technology! This is phase change material designed by NASA that pulls heat away from the surface of the sleep system optimizing a desired sleep temperature.

Washable Covers

Have you ever wished you could get your mattress cleaner? Well, now you can! This collection provides easily removable washable covers to ensure a cleaner sleeping surface. You can even add your desired detergent scent to your mattress!

4 Season Cover Package

With the changing seasons we enjoy in the Southeast, we often have to adjust our sleeping environment to suit. Sleep at your desired temperature all year long with an optional package that includes mattress covers to accommodate every season!

Advanced Technology

The options in the foam industry have expanded significantly in the last few years. We’ve chosen the highest density foams available for increased support, comfort, pressure relief, and durability. Plus, we have hybrids! Hybrids are often the perfect combination for those who are wanting the comfort foam but the support of a traditional innerspring mattress.

20 Year Full Warranty

This is big! You can rest assured that you get one of the best warranties on the market with a Bed’r Mattress. Many brands still offer only 10 years. We have so much confidence in our mattresses that we comfortably back them with a 20 year warranty.

Research and Development

It’s only after years of extensive research and development that we have brought this new collection to market. We truly are passionate about what we do and it means something to us when we put our Bed’r Mattress name on a mattress.

Comfort Options

Available in his/her comfort, there are multiple ranges of comforts to accommodate individuals with different sleep comfort preferences. Split Kings will maintain exact heights from one mattress to another. Plus, these mattresses are adjustable base compatible!