We take sleep seriously, so seriously in fact that it suits professional athletes like NHL player Matt Duchene of the Nashville Predators. For optimal recovery and comfort he sleeps on an Essentia mattress, only found in Essentia showrooms in major cities and locally at Bed’r Mattress. Pictured here is Chad Cunningham of Bed’r Mattress, Matt Duchene Nashville Predators and Jack Dell’Accio of Essentia. 

We Have Brands NO ONE Else Has

We undoubtedly have many mattresses in our stores that offer amazing comfort that will last for decades. But, if you need next level sleep we also have options like Essentia that promise 20% more REM sleep and are made in a GOTS and GOLS certified organic factory.

Who Needs 20% More REM sleep?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from more REM sleep! Professional athletes rely on all body systems to be in top notch shape and the rest of us should too! Sleep quality is one thing that makes a measurable difference in the performance of mind and body.

Does Organic Really Matter?

YES! Even though you may not be aware of how your body is reacting to the environment, if is being affected by it. Many health threats cannot be avoided such as outdoor air pollution. However, inside the home, the food we eat, the products we buy, we have an opportunity to make choices. Choose an organic mattress, and give your body a reprieve at night from the threats of the day. We even have certified organic crib mattresses!

You Don’t Know What You Are Missing!

If your mattress is sagging or uncomfortable, you would probably be shocked at how much better you would feel on new mattress suited to your needs. If you have aches and pains or just don’t know where to start, try our Mattress Prescription. We’ll get to work right away to save you time and narrow down your options! 

At Bed’r Mattress we have options for anyone needing serious sleep! Find the location nearest you!