Essentia- The World’s Only Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Bed’r Mattress is proud to be the exclusive retail partner of Essentia® – The World’s Only Natural Memory Foam Mattress.  Bed’r Mattress stores are the only place you can experience Essentia® in person (outside of one Essentia® showroom in Boca Raton, FL) . Their mattresses are GOTS & GOLS certified organic, allergy friendly and free from toxins. Their mission is to “spread health and wellness effortlessly while you sleep”. We carry Essentia’s organic mattresses, crib mattresses, sheets, pillows and protectors! Get the restorative, healthful sleep you’ve dreamed of with Essentia from Bed’r Mattress.

Lifestyle Collection

Healthy sleep begins here. The Essentia Lifestyle collection is made with GOTS & GOLS certified organic and natural materials protecting you from potential allergens like dust mites, wool or fiber batting. Made with natural latex, these mattresses ensure optimal sleeping conditions free of stimulation from toxins. You’ll get a deeply restorative sleep like none other in the Essentia Lifestyle collection.

Performance Collection

The Essentia Performance collection includes all the benefits of the Lifestyle collection but then takes the comfort and restorative properties up a notch. Using proprietary latex blends Essentia created the World’s Only Natural Memory Foam Mattress. If you’re looking for the comfort of memory foam and hoping to sleep cooler and cleaner on a GOTS & GOLS certified organic mattress , this is the collection for you.

WholeBody Collection

In the Wholebody collection Essentia has created a new level of sleep. There are no other mattresses in the world that compare in any category to those in the Wholebody collection. Patented rapid response foam drops the surface 7 degrees throughout the night creating a micro-hibernation cycle. The GOTS & GOLS certified organic mattresses in this collection have been tested and applauded by wellness leaders worldwide. Sought after by people who take sleep seriously (including professional athletes) the WholeBody collection offers rapid recovery, deep sleep cycles, clean air environment, pressure relief and more!

Crib Mattresses

Give your baby a clean sleep environment on a mattress made in Essentia’s GOTS & GOLS certified organic factory.


Essentia’s organic accessories are the perfect compliment to support an optimal sleeping environment.  Extremely soft, organic sateen sheets are available in a beautiful sable or clean white. GOTS & GOLS certified organic pillow options range from patented natural memory foam to latex foam blends. The BodyGuard mattress protector will protect your mattress from stains and moisture, effortlessly fitting your new Essentia mattress like a fitted sheet.

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