Flex Supreme Breeze



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Comfort Layers:

  • COOLING COVER Lightweight, breathable fabric infused with cooling technology for a cooler sleeping surface
  • ULTRA-BREATHABLE DESIGN Ultra-breathable layers allow heat and humidity
    to flow away from the body
  • COMFORT LAYER made up of Extra-soft TEMPUR-ES® material infused with PureCool™ determines the
    mattress feel and level of TEMPUR-Adapt,™ drawing excess heat away from the body
  • Quick-responding TEMPURResponse™ Material provides responsive support and helps distribute body weight

Support System:

  • DYNAMIC SUPPORT LAYER Densely-placed precision micro-coils actively react to your body’s movement
  • Innovative precision coils work in harmony with the TEMPUR-ResponseTM material layer

Edge Support:

Bed’r Base Compatible:


10 Year Non-Prorated