Beginning April 1, 1992, Beds To Go opened its door for business.  It was with humble beginnings that we began, hoping only to earn enough money to make a living.  As soon as a long term job opportunity became available, I would move on for what I thought would be better security for me and my family.  Today, over 22 years later, our most prized assets, our customers, have made us a common household destination when it comes to purchasing a new mattress set (sleep system) for their home.


It takes time for a business to earn its reputation.  A reputation is the general accepted view of somebody or something as having particular qualities or attributes. This view comes from a customer’s own personal experience with you or your company.  If the customer perceives honesty, sincerity and integrity, you can expect to have a faithful customer for many years to come.  If not, a business is incapable of sustaining longevity.  A heartfelt thanks to all of you, our customers, who have made Bed’r Mattress, that long term job security that I longed for in the early years.


That’s why over 22 years later we are East Tennessee’s oldest and premier mattress store.  We care about each one of our customers.  When our customers are satisfied with the finished product, they can rest assured that this is only the beginning of our relationship with them.  We personally care about the welfare of each customer that we have been entrusted to serve and are most grateful that they gave us the opportunity to work with them.  This is why well over 300,000 customers and counting have made their mattress selection at Bed’r Mattress. Our reputation for treating our customers with the same kind of respect and expertise that we expect when we shop, has allowed our company to grow not only in East Tennessee, but now, in Middle and South Georgia, as well.  It is the expectation of helping more customers, such as you, in their search for a better night’s sleep and creating a larger market share through branding, that Beds To Go has changed their name to Bed’r Mattress.

Our Commitment

In an ocean full of mattress stores all offering the “lowest price guarantee”, Bed’r Mattress decided to take a different approach.  It is not our goal to be the mirror image of what other competitors are doing, because if all of them offer the same “lowest price guarantee”, then all but one of them is being truly dishonest with you.  Benjamin Franklin once said, “THE BITTERNESS OF POOR QUALITY IS REMEMBERED LONG AFTER THE SWEETNESS OF LOW PRICE HAS FADED FROM MEMORY.”  That principle still holds true today!   Our mission at Bed’r Mattress is to offer the very best quality at affordable prices to meet the budget demands of our customers.   We do this simply by showing you how we can improve your quality of sleep with our professionally trained staff.  Customers will enter our stores and feel as if they are at home.  They will notice immediately a pressure free purchasing environment.  We offer no gimmicks!  Just our promise to answer all of your objections with honest and sincere answers.  Bed’r Mattress pledges to treat you, our customer, better than any other mattress retailer would treat you .  Come visit us and see us work for you!  Place your next night sleep in our care!  “Goodnight just got Bed’r”!

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