Bed’r Mattress Means Business

At Bed’r Mattress we take sleep seriously! Success starts with a Bed’r night sleep for many of our community members. When you use their products or services you can trust they are well rested and up to the task of serving you well!

Dr. Barrett
Dr. BarrettChiropractor, The Health Factory
“My certified organic Essentia® mattress from Bed’r Mattress gives me 20% more REM sleep every single night! That is huge for total body health and wellness! Learn more about my mattress.”
Dusty Holden
Dusty HoldenCoach, CrossFit Rhema
“I recover faster and deeper on my certified organic mattress from Bed’r Mattress.
If rapid recovery and top performance is important to you, try my Essentia® mattress.”
Courtney Holden
Courtney HoldenOwner, Fittest Kitchen
“Eating clean is important, but so is sleeping clean! Imagine going home to a five star sleep experience every single night! That is how I feel on my certified organic mattress by Essentia®!”
Erik Ainge
Erik AingeFormer NFL & TN Vol QB
“My Bed’r Mattress helps ease my nighttime aches and pains that years of football left me with. I love that it was handcrafted in East Tennessee by people I can trust!”
Ashley Akers
Ashley AkersOwner, Mold Drs. USA
“I live with lyme disease and it is important to avoid chemicals, mold and toxins. My Essentia mattress from Bed’r Mattress was odor free from the very first night.

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