Elevate your lifestyle with a Bed’r base from Bed’r Mattress. Our adjustable bases can be customized to suit your needs at the touch of a button. With multiple settings and features, they are designed to support you however and whenever you need. Elevate your head, elevate your feet or do both! It’s up to you to adjust your settings as often as you like. Available from twins to split kings, Bed’r bases can accommodate multiple sleepers’ needs at the same time. Most Bed’r bases come with a 20 year warranty and a wireless remote. Special features may include massage settings, under bed lighting, memory presets, USB ports and more. From simple lifestyle enhancements such as reading in bed to helping chronic conditions like acid reflux; adjustable bases are designed for a healthier, Bed’r nights sleep.

An adjustable base replaces your current box spring and adds power! You can personalize your sleep position with the touch of a button.

You can elevate your head, elevate your feet or do both! It’s up to you!

No Way! Our adjustable bases are available in size twin to split King! With a split king, you each have your own mattress and your own power base that can function independent of each other.

Yes! All our adjustable bases come with a 10 year warranty and wireless remote.

Special features in upgraded models may include nightlights, massage settings, memory pre-sets, even full bed tilt!

An adjustable base can benefit anyone! From simple lifestyle enhancements like a bed’r 🙂 breakfast in bed, to helping alleviate nighttime aches and pains, it really is a game changer!


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