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Relationships are what we are all about. From our manufacturers to our customers, people matter to us. We work hard to make sure every guest feels like family! We are passionate about providing the best possible sleep solutions to our community.

S.S. – Oak Ridge, TN 

Don – Oak Ridge, TN

Ryan – Knoxville, TN

My wife and I have dreaded mattress shopping but we knew it had to be done. All that dread changed when we walked into Bed’r Mattress. My wife ran cover for me and scoped out the store first. She met our sales associate, Cody who was incredibly helpful without pressuring her at all about a purchase. She picked out three different mattresses and dragged me in kicking and screaming(just kidding) to try them out. Again, no pressure from Cody, just there to answer our questions.
He provided us with a couple clean pillow cases and pillows to use when we tried out each of the mattresses my wife picked out. She had asked him to keep the prices covered so that wouldn’t sway our decision. After about an hour we had decided on one that we both liked and informed Cody that we’d like to “sleep on it” and come back the next day with a decision. Again, no pressure. He answered all our questions for us and we left.
We returned the next day and met Cody and his boss Mike who was also very helpful. We tried a couple of the actresses again before deciding the one we picked was the one we wanted.
Cody explained the pricing and options again without pressuring us about the add-on’s.
Since we ordered a bed frame and headboard to go along with our new mattress and adjustable platforms, we had to wait an extra week for delivery which we knew up front. Everything arrived right on time and the delivery guys set it all up quickly and explained everything to us about how the adjustable platform works etc. They didn’t leave until they were sure everything was clean and right for us.
All those years of mattress shopping anxiety are now gone. We absolutely love the new mattress and can definitely tell the difference in our nights sleep over the last few nights.

TLDR; Incredibly comfortable mattress, helpful, non-pressure sales, reasonable prices, and quick delivery. Excellent company to do business with“After an enormous amount of researching numerous ratings and reading online about what to look for, I began my search for a new mattress. I visited the standard dealers. Finally, yesterday, at the suggestion of a friend’s daughter who is a decorator, I walked into Bedr. What a hidden gem! I spent at least an hour trying out different mattresses in Goldilocks fashion: this one too hard, this one too soft. During this time Chad was remarkably patient and informative. He answered every question, even when I asked the same ones a second time as I returned to stretch out again on one of the three finalists. His expertise and sense of humor combined to make what I viewed as a chore so much easier. My husband then joined me and quickly tried out each of the ones still in the running. We agreed on the one that is “just right” for us. I’d happily give Chad and his business ten stars if possible.”

David – Knoxville, TN

“We had a really different kind of experience choosing a mattress with Chad’s expert advice at Bed’r Mattress. We came in with a pretty challenging set of parameters — different sleeping styles, different sleep issues, different cushioning preferences, etc. — and Chad immediately narrowed things down to the two or three mattresses that would be likely to work for us both. What really stood out was the way he was able to explain the engineering and design process that went into making each type of mattress have the features it has. When someone knows as much as he knows, you can tell they’re to be trusted. Every other time I’ve bought a mattress it’s felt like a shot in the dark. This time I felt Chad gave us what we needed to make a truly informed decision. We’ve got 120 days to change our minds and because the beds are made in TN and designed by Bed’r Mattress, Chad can literally take our mattress, give us a loaner, and adjust it to make it firmer or softer according to how we respond after actually sleeping on it. To me that makes so much SENSE for something like a mattress, but I’ve never heard of another mattress company — at least not one where I could afford to shop — that could or would do anything like that. If you value shopping local and supporting small businesses, if you want to understand the quality of what you’re buying when you make a major purchase, if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly mattress option, and if you care about ongoing customer support and customer service, this is DEFINITELY the place for you.”

Kristina – Knoxville, TN

Lynda – Knoxville, TN

Kathy – Powell, TN

Emily – Knoxville, TN

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