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Bed’r Mattress is dramatically different than other mattress stores. Primarily, Bed’r Mattress is far more interested in offering sleep solutions than mattresses. Mattresses can be bought pretty much anywhere; sleep solutions are far more rare. A mattress is simply something rectangular that one would fall sleep with. A sleep solution is something that addresses an exact need or needs, provides a solution to that need, and sustains that solution through the guaranteed life span of the product(s).   Most mattress stores pick their products from the outside in, whereas curb appeal actually trumps innards. At Bed’r Mattress, the products we select are decided on from the inside out. We focus on the quality of components as top priority when making our selections. We strive to go above industry standards. At Bed’r Mattress, we are the brains behind the products. We go to the factories and hand select every single component that goes into a mattress that is to bare our name. The employees of the factories from top to bottom know us by name. They call us a friend, and there’s a smile on their faces when we come to visit. They take an extra proud approach when constructing a Bed’r Mattress, because they aren’t just making a mattress for a consumer, they are making a mattress for a friend. There are no corporate tiers in a Bed’r Mattress, no district managers, no rep fees, no fancy commercials that the consumer is paying for far before their mattress. The design of Bed’r Mattress is to be a direct benefit to our customers, to give any budget the best possible sleep solution available. That is not just a mission of ours, that is our promise.

Some of the unique offerings currently at Bed’r Mattress include industry leading warranties and performance guarantees, locally handcrafted products, owner designed and inspired products, the reintroduction and reinvention of the bed’r 3rd, the industry’s coldest mattress fabric, partnership with NHL Nashville Predator’s hockey star Matt Duchene, chemical free bed frames, as well natural, eco-friendly and sustainable components.

Bed’r Mattress has a huge belief in giving back to our community. We have worked with many organizations in the community and are fortunate to be able to continually help and serve in various areas of need. We believe that giving back is multi faceted and goes further and far deeper than only monetary donations or contributions. We believe community support also involves spreading kindness, sincerity, generosity, and love. To us, these are what make up the core of community; these cost nothing more than consideration and are most impactful to individuals in a community. These are the contributions that we believe spread and become contagious throughout a community and bring forth the true oneness of any community.

The leadership at Bed’r Mattress was founded and still remains as leading by the serving of others. Servant leadership best exemplifies our faith and our strong desire to do unto others as we would want them to do to us. It is very common for a customer to walk into a Bed’r Mattress location and deal directly with an owner, meet an owner that is spending time with an employee, or even have their new product delivered by an owner. The owner(s) aren’t too proud to sweep a floor, clean a bathroom, or fill in for a sick employee. There is no task seen as below anyone of leadership at Bed’r Mattress. We look forward to serving you!

SINCE 1992

From our customers to our employees, as well as local manufacturers, we are grateful for every person that has been a part of our journey. It takes time to build a reputation, and we’ve been diligently working on ours for 30 years by developing relationships within our community, supporting local non-profit organizations, and providing quality sleep systems that improve all aspects of life. We have helped 1,000’s sleep Bed’r as we have expanded across East Tennessee. When people sleep Bed’r they feel better, making our community happier and healthier


Locally handcrafted means a lot to us. We personally design and work with local manufacturers on the Bed’r Mattress line. These products are ONLY offered in Bed’r Mattress stores. We have strong personal relationships with our manufacturers. We visit our manufacturers in person, shake their hands, get to know their families and employees, inspect our products and talk about new ideas. For the ultimate quality, craftsmanship and value, the Bed’r Mattress line is handcrafted here at home in Tennessee.


The bed’r Agent Program is designed to thank you for spreading the word about us! When guests are kind enough to support our locally owned business with a referral, we feel like they’re part of the family. If someone you refer makes a purchase, you earn a commission, it’s that simple! If you’re interested in becoming a Bed’r Agent please email us at info@bedrmattress.com to set up an interview.


Your loyalty helps to support our locally owned business and we appreciate you! Get a $20 credit for every $1000 you spend with us! Good to use towards any purchase in the store including sheets, pillows, accessories and mattresses.


We know it can be a bit stressful to choose a mattress. If it was a tough decision for you, you might second guess as to whether or not you made the right choice. Sleep worry-free with our 120-night Bed’r protection plan! Ask us for details when it’s time to complete your purchase!

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