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About Us


Because we know that trying a mattress in store can be completely different than actually sleeping on it in your house. With all mattress purchases, is our promise that we will take the time to find the perfect sleep system for you. We are an employee owned company full of passionate sleep professionals, come visit us and let us work for you. On the very rare chance that you aren’t sleeping Bed’r within 100 days of getting your new mattress, we will happily swap it out for one that suits you perfectly!

SINCE 1991

We’ve been building relationships with people in our community. From our customers to our employees, as well as local manufacturers, we are grateful for every person that has been apart of our journey. It takes time to build a reputation, we have been diligently working on ours for over 25 years. We have helped 1,000’s sleep Bed’r as we have expanded from Maryville, TN across East Tennessee and into Georgia. When people sleep Bed’r they feel better, making our community happier and healthier!


Locally handcrafted means a lot to us. We personally design and work with local manufacturers to handcraft our Bed’r Mattress line. These products are ONLY offered in Bed’r Mattress stores. We have strong personal relationships with our manufacturers. We visit our manufacturers in person, shake their hands, get to know their families and employees, inspect our products and talk about new ideas. For the ultimate quality, craftsmanship and value, our Bed’r Mattress line is handcrafted here at home in Tennessee.

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