Bed’r Athletes

Bed’r recovery at night means peak performance the next day! These athletes have been fitted for optimal sleep by Bed’r Mattress.

Chase Dollander
Chase DollanderCollege Baseball Player
“I freaking love the Kumo Hybrid mattress, not only have I been able to sleep better but I’ve seen raw data from my whoop saying that my sleep has improved. It has helped me in more ways than I have imagined and I’m super thankful for the guys at Bedr mattress for making this happen. Nothing better than a local business with a great vision and great people!”
Kirby Connell
Kirby ConnellCollege Baseball Player
“I absolutely love the Echo II Hybrid. My sleep has changed tremendously once I started sleeping on it. I don’t wake up as much and I feel my body temperature is always cool.”
Seth Halvorsen
Seth HalvorsenCollege Baseball Player
“Before I got the UrthSleep Hybrid mattress from Bedr Mattress, I was sleeping on a mattress that was provided from the apartment I live in. It was not amazing to say the least. Since getting the latex, medium feel essentia mattress and aloe pillow, I have been able to fall asleep faster than I have before. This mattress is elite! I wake up with more energy because I am getting better sleep is my theory. Not only has the mattress improved my days due to the quality of sleep but the employees at Bedr Mattress are top notch, filled with integrity and energy. I would recommend this mattress whether you think you are in need or not!”
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