Why You Should Buy an Adjustable Base from This Knoxville Mattress Store

There is no getting around the fact that buying a new bed is a major purchase that requires a great deal of forethought. Not only do you have to factor in the cost of a quality bed but there are a lot of different beds out there, not all of which will suit your needs. Adjustable beds are gaining in popularity as people continue to look for ways to improve their sleep experience. But it is important to learn more about the pros and cons of an adjustable base as well as consider where and when you will buy your new bed. Buying your base from your local Knoxville mattress store has a lot of advantages, but first you must decide if an adjustable bed is right for you.

Is an Adjustable Bed Right for You?

Before you rush out to by an adjustable base from a mattress store in Knoxville, TN or online it is important to consider the reasons why you want an adjustable bed as well as what you hope to gain from it. The right adjustable bed can help to relieve pain from arthritis, provide more comfort, allow you to sit up in bed and watch TV, read a book, or any number of different things. Adjustable beds can relieve pressure on your back and models such as the Sealy Reflexion 4 adjustable base even come with massage. If all of that sounds good to you, then all that remains is finding a base, or is that all?

Keep in mind that adjustable bases range widely in terms of price, but the good ones can add a hefty cost to your overall bed purchase. Most people consider the investment worthwhile, but the problem comes in when they try to save money by buying a cheaper base online, or try to use an old mattress not designed for an adjustable base. The best time to buy a mattress is at the same time as you go shopping for an adjustable base,

because not all mattresses are designed to go with an adjustable base. Finally keep in mind that there are a lot of extra pieces on an adjustable base including a motor, electronics, and much more. This should in and of itself tell you that shopping carefully for an adjustable frame is essential.

Where You Should Buy an Adjustable Base

All of these factors bring you to the question of where is the best place to buy an adjustable base. Buying online is risky at best, because it is impossible to know the quality of what you are buying, and should there be a problem, returning it is a major ordeal. Keep in mind that Knoxville mattress stores will likely have a much better selection of bases than just about anywhere else in your neighborhood and most stores will not sell an adjustable base they cannot stand behind.

Why Buy from Bed’r Mattress?

Buying an adjustable frame presents more of a risk than any other frame. There are plenty of things to consider and things that could go wrong. In addition to considering what mattress will fit in the frame, there is the problem of weight, not all frames will hold the same amount. There are  also questions about what extras you want and which can you do without. Do you want a split bed so you and your significant other can adjust your side independently or just a single mattress?

Finally, what happens if something is wrong with the mechanics? Do you know what your warranty is? Did you go to a store that will stand behind your purchase and help you in any way they can? At Bed’r Mattress we have the knowledge to help you make the right purchase plus the desire to ensure that your experience in our mattress stores in Knoxville, TN is like none other. This is perhaps the best reason to buy your mattress from us.

Let us help you find not only the right adjustable base, but the perfect mattress to fit your base and your needs. To find a Bed’r Mattress store near you or to learn more about our adjustable bases and mattresses, contact us at (865)-583-3888.

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