Finding a Knoxville mattress store that can help you select the right mattress at a price that fits your budget is important. It is a major purchase, and more importantly it is one that has a direct effect on your health and wellbeing. Bed’r Mattress doesn’t offer the biggest gimmicks or the too good to be true rock bottom prices of our competitors; what you will find is quality and value that you can count on.

Family Owned Store

Sometimes it is the little things that set one Knoxville mattress store apart from others. There are plenty of big name retailers out there that promise you the moon when it comes to prices and extras, but how much do those gimmicks really save you or do they save you at all? We believe that being a mattress store that started from a humble beginning of one family just trying to take care of itself, gives us an edge on the competition.

We understand how important your hard-earned money is, and we know the value of finding the best prices on the best mattresses. But we also know how important honesty and experience is. Nobody wants to be sold a mattress at the lowest price, only to find out that it is so uncomfortable and cheaply made that you are desperate to replace it 6 months later.

Quality matters

Don’t let anybody tell you that quality does not matter. What you might find at your local department store is not the same as what you will find at our mattress store in Knoxville, TN. Mattresses made with cheap materials simply will not hold up, and suddenly that mattress you bought for a couple hundred dollars less is not such a great deal anymore. Good quality mattresses are built to hold up, meaning that not only will you get a better night’s sleep but your mattress will last for much longer.


Trying to stay in a budget does not mean that you have to settle for a less comfortable mattress. While we carry many of the name brand mattresses you already know and trust such as Sealy and Tempur-Pedic, we carry our own branded mattress that carries our name but offers comparable quality to brand name mattresses. By doing this we can offer you a wider range of mattresses at prices you can afford. Plus we provide the knowledge you need so you’ll know when the best time to buy a mattress is. We recommend every 7-8 years, plus we’ll help you select the perfect mattress for your needs.

Getting the Right Mattress the First Time

Have you ever stepped into a store offering unbelievable prices only to find out that the staff does not want to talk about the product, they only want to push you to buy it? High pressure selling is the way they make their money. It does not matter if the product they sell is right for you. The same can be said about mattresses. Poorly trained staff are pushed to sell high volume in order to make a profit. This ends up in unsatisfied customers buying poor quality mattresses at cheap prices.

We offer our customers a different experience in our Knoxville mattress store. Our goal when you walk through the door is not to pressure you into buying a mattress, it is to help you find the mattress that is going to improve the quality of your sleep.

Competitive prices

Price matters, too, so we work hard to keep our prices competitive with other mattress stores in Knoxville, TN. We also invite you to check out some of our sales, which are some of the best times to buy a mattress. In addition to sales, we offer a wide range of mattresses at competitive affordable prices to ensure that there is a mattress for everyone.

If you would like to visit one of our mattress stores in Knoxville, TN contact us at (865)-583-3888 to find the store nearest you.