Better Sleep Starts with a Better Knoxville Mattress Store

Are you tired of waking up feeling more exhausted than you did before you went to bed the night before? Do you wake stiff and sore every day, taking forever to get the kinks out of your back? If this is the case, you may have been sleeping on the wrong bed for a long time. While you might think you are all alone in having these types of problems, you most certainly are not. In fact, depending on which Knoxville mattress store you went to, the salesperson you dealt with may not have actually known how to buy a mattress let alone how to work with you to find out which mattress is right for you.

New Technology Hits the Mattress World

If the last time you bought a new bed from your local mattress store was further back than you can remember, you might be surprised at how much mattress technology has changed. Once upon a time, you could simply walk into a Knoxville mattress store, test drive a few mattresses and go home with a new bed. The best you could hope for was for it to provide you with a decent night’s sleep for a few years and then you would repeat the process, never actually learning how to buy a mattress the right way.

If you think salespeople had a lot to deal with back then, today’s beds are far more technologically advanced than ever. Even if you thought you knew how to buy a mattress then, chances are good your knowledge is out of date and will do you little if any good at all.

How Does Bed’r Mattress Make a Difference?

One of the most important aspects of buying a new bed is knowing how to buy a mattress that best suits your style of sleep and meets any physical and medical needs you might have. This is where we separate ourselves from any other Knoxville mattress store. The difference is our expert sales specialists. Every member of our team in all of our stores has been trained to understand the products they sell.

From how they are constructed, to the materials used in their manufacture, our salespeople know the products they sell. This makes it possible for them to answer your toughest questions. They then take that information along with their product knowledge to determine which of the many beds we carry in stock is most likely to give you the best night’s sleep you have ever had.

At Bed’r Mattress we truly believe that better sleep starts with a better Knoxville mattress store. We are fully committed to providing you with the finest quality beds made here in the U.S.A., at prices that are very affordable. When you are ready to buy a new bed, there is only one mattress store you should consider, Bed’r Mattress. Come on in and see us today and start getting a better night’s sleep tonight!

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