Buying a new mattress can be stressful. It’s never at the top of the list when people talk about their favorite fun things to do. We at Bed’r Mattress understand that. That’s why, when you come into our Knoxville mattress store to buy a mattress, we make every effort to make the process as easy for you as possible. You might even enjoy it a little bit.

No Two Mattress Stores are the Same

If you’re like most people, you’ll shop around for a new mattress. After all, this is a big purchase, and one you’ll have to sleep on for many years to come. It needs to be right. But so many mattress stores “underwhelm” when it comes to meeting customer expectations. That’s where we’re different.

Bed’r Mattress is a local employee-owned company, founded on a desire to deliver a quality product along with an excellent customer experience. The reputation we’ve developed in the community over the past 26 years is important to us. We know we can only maintain that reputation by consistently delivering a quality experience for our customers. And that’s why, when you visit our Knoxville mattress store, you’ll notice something different. Something you didn’t feel in the other mattress stores you visited.

Your Best Interests are Also Ours

Our trained sales staff at Bed’r Mattress is ready and willing to help make your mattress-buying experience the best it can be. All of our staff members are educated extensively on every product we sell. So you’ll find them ready with answers to all your questions when you walk in.

You may also notice that we ask a few questions of our own. That’s because we’ve discovered that asking questions is the best way for us to fully understand your current mattress situation, and get a feel for what you need going forward. By answering our questions, you’re helping us to help you. When you come in to buy a mattress at our Knoxville mattress store, we’ll help you determine the absolute best sleep system for you. Period.

Try Before You Buy

We have samples of all kinds of mattresses on our sales floor, and we encourage our customers to lie down on them and see what they think. Of course, it’s not quite like sleeping on it in your own home. But we want you to be comfortable trying it out, at least for a little while, while you’re here. It’s one of the best ways for you to determine what you like and what you don’t. And it’s fun, too.

Come See for Yourself

If you’re in the market to buy a mattress soon, come visit our Knoxville mattress store, and see for yourself what kind of experience we provide for our customers. Not only will you come out with the perfect mattress solution, but you might even find yourself enjoying the experience!