Check Out These 3 Mattress Myths Before You Buy Your Next Bed

One of the hardest parts of learning how to choose a new mattress is trying to wade through the many myths regarding buying a mattress and what to look for. The biggest problem with not knowing what to look for when you go into a mattress store in Knoxville is that you can be easily taken advantage of and end up with a bed that simply isn’t the right one for your needs. Before you get started, let’s take a look at three of the more common myths when it comes to choosing the right mattress.

Myth #1: All Mattresses Are Really About the Same

This one is easy; it’s a lot like saying all cars are the same. While most mattresses look similar on the outside, on the inside where it truly counts, they are very different. The first step in learning how to choose a new mattress is understanding that mattresses can be designed to provide posture support for different needs, they are designed to provide you with varying levels of comfort, and of course to provide support to varying weights of those who sleep on them.

All mattresses are not the same; they will not all provide the same level of comfort and support. Your favorite sleeping position, how much you weigh, your age, and any sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome: it is important for you to take all of these into consideration in your search for a new mattress at your local mattress store in Knoxville.

Myth #2: The Box Spring Still Reigns Supreme

Over the decades, it seems as though we have all come to believe that if the mattress doesn’t have a box spring, it can’t possibly be a good mattress. Once upon a time, long before mattresses were as sophisticated as they are today, a good box spring was required to help provide the support and comfort desired. Given the quality and thickness of today’s mattresses, all the box spring really does is lift the mattress up off the floor. Today, the only thing you really need under a top-quality mattress is solid support.

Myth #3: Firm Mattresses are Best for Back Pain

If you suffer from any form of back pain, learning how to choose a new mattress will prove this to be one of the biggest myths out there. While a firmer mattress might work well for some, it probably will not for everyone. When you come into our mattress store in Knoxville, TN, our sleep experts will work with you to learn more about how you sleep, any special needs you or your significant other might have, and any medical conditions you have.

From this information, our sleep experts will help you find the perfect mattress to fit your needs. At Bed’r Mattress, our sleep experts can teach you everything you need to know about how to choose a new mattress. To ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible every night, we offer a 100-night guarantee. If, within the first 100 nights, you are not getting the best sleep or are not happy with your mattress, we will replace it with another one at no charge.

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