Customer Service is Number 1 in Our Book – Visit Our Knoxville Store Today!

Have you ever been in a Knoxville mattress store to shop for a mattress and been greeted at the door by a pushy salesperson and treated like nothing more than a cash cow? Being treated like this can certainly take all the fun out of looking for your next new mattress. Unfortunately, far too many businesses end up hiring people who don’t care how they treat everyone who walks in the store. At Bed’r Mattress we believe that customer service is still “job number 1.”

It Starts the Moment You Walk in the Store

We believe that good customer service starts the moment you walk through the doors of our Knoxville mattress store. Instead of being greeted by a salesperson who wants to sell you a mattress in as little time as possible, you will be greeted like a member of the family by one of our sleep experts. The simple fact is that for most of us, first impressions are the make or break point in any relationship, including when you are trying to shop for a mattress.

But when we make a good first impression, we know this is only the beginning. There is only one way we know of for us to be able to sell you the perfect mattress — one that will provide you with many years of excellent sleep — and that is for us to talk to you. Our sleep experts have spent years developing the skills and knowledge needed to help you find the right mattress.

We Ask a Lot of Questions in Our Knoxville Mattress Store

If there is one thing our sleep experts do and do well, it’s asking a lot of questions. They will ask you about the position in which you and your significant other sleep, how much you each weigh, any medical conditions you have, and any sleep issues you have. This will help them to recommend the best possible mattress.

We Carry Only the Best

After asking about and listening to your sleep  needs, the process continues. Chances are good that we carry more than one mattress that fits your needs. We carry Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Biltmore, and many others, including our own Bed’r Mattress brand. We can show you each of them, let you try them out in the store, and more importantly, let you try the mattress you choose for up to 100 nights.

If, for any reason during those 100 nights, you are not happy with your choice or are not getting the kind of sleep you deserve, you can exchange your mattress for another one in our Knoxville mattress store. At Bed’r Mattress, we have only one goal in mind, to make sure that each and every one of our customers leaves with a mattress that meets and exceeds their expectations.

When you come to us to shop for a mattress, you can count on three things. First, you will be treated like family, secondly, we will never try to push you into buying any of our mattresses, and thirdly, we will continue to work with you until you are getting the best possible night’s sleep you have ever had.

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