How to “Test Drive” a Mattress

There is one step in your quest to learn how to buy a mattress that you simply cannot afford to miss. You’ve invested time doing your homework online regarding the different types of mattresses and what they have to offer. You may have even come into our Knoxville mattress store and talked to our sleep experts. But, all of this will only get you so far. The final step in the process lies in knowing how to “test drive” a mattress.

Make Yourself at Home

Before you even leave the house, you need to make sure you and your significant other are wearing loose fitting clothes. This is important as part of test driving a bed involves getting on it and loose-fitting clothing will make this much easier. At the same time, you must be prepared to leave your dignity at home for this shopping trip.

Multiple Test Drives

Be prepared to spend several hours in our Knoxville mattress store learning how to buy a mattress the right way. You may even want to make several shorter visits over a period of days. We realize that spending five minutes on a mattress is not enough to even begin to get an idea of how well you are likely to sleep on it.

When you come into our store, be prepared for both of you to lie on the mattress, bounce on it, cuddle on it, and try multiple sleep positions. Go ahead, take your time, we don’t mind; in fact, we encourage this as part of learning how to buy a mattress. Bring a magazine, lay there talking to each other about the mattress, what you like and don’t like about it. Then move on to the next one, and so forth.

Keep Trying

We fully expect our customers to spend up to 30 minutes test driving each mattress. Keep trying mattresses until you can narrow down your selection. Talk to our sleep experts about the benefits each mattress has to offer. You will find every one of our sleep experts is well-educated and can answer any questions you have.

Keep track of how you feel about each of the mattresses you have tried, mark off the good and bad points. Don’t be afraid to come back and take those mattresses on your final list for one last test drive before you make your purchase decision.

The Best Part of Letting Us Teach You How to Buy a Mattress

The best part of letting the sleep experts at Bed’r Mattress teach you how to buy a mattress is that even after you have made your decision, we back your purchase with a 100-night sleep guarantee. If, after you have spent up to 100 nights taking your new bed for a test drive, you are not satisfied with your sleep, simply contact us and we will exchange it for another one of the mattresses in our store.

Why wait? You are cordially invited into the Bed’r Mattress Knoxville mattress store to view our selection of mattresses from Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Biltmore, Scott Living, and of course, our own Bed’r Mattress brand.

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