Bed’r Mattress Customer Service is Designed with You in Mind

Bed’r Mattress Customer Service is Designed with You in Mind

When you walk into a mattress store, how do you like to be treated? Are you okay with the first salesman you see virtually running up to you and trying to “hard sell” you a bed before you even have a chance to take a breath? If you do, then buying a mattress from Bed’r Mattress is not going to be your best choice. Why? Because this is just not the way we do business. Our sales team, whom we lovingly call “Sleep Experts,” would never behave in this manner. They are, however, trained to greet you at the door just as if you were a member of our family.

Why Do We Do This in Our Mattress Store?

While we might be in the business of helping people buy a mattress in our mattress store, once we step outside of the store, we become customers in every store we walk into. It is with this in mind that we set out to create the finest possible customer service for our customers. So, what does this mean for you?

It means being greeted at the door with a friendly face and a cheerful “good morning,” “afternoon,” or “evening.” Our Sleep Experts will treat you like a member of the family, talk to you about the type of bed you are looking for, and your sleeping habits and those of your partner, if you have one. The more information you can give our Sleep Experts, the easier it will be for them to show you the mattresses in our mattress store that meet your needs.

We Are Not Here to Sell You a Mattress

While we might be a mattress store and one of the best in the business, we are not in the business of selling you just any mattress. You can go to any mattress store, tell them you are interested in buying a mattress and walk out with the worst possible mattress you have ever owned. Why? Because the salespeople in most other mattress stores have only one interest: making the sale. They get paid on commission and have quotas to meet. For many, failing to meet the quota means losing their jobs.

At Bed’r Mattress, we don’t believe in talking our customers into buying a mattress in this manner. We want you to go home safe in the knowledge that the mattress you purchased is going to give you the best night’s sleep you have ever enjoyed. Our Sleep Experts are here to help you find the perfect mattress from brands like Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Tempur Pedic, Biltmore Scott Living, and, of course, our own Bed’r Mattress brand. They use polite questions, multiple test drives (yes, we want you to test drive each mattress; take as long as you want), and we don’t mind if you can’t make up your mind on your first visit.

If you are ready to enjoy the ultimate in customer service when buying a mattress, there is only one mattress store for you to visit. Your local Bed’r Mattress store. Visit us online to see our selection and then come in and pick out your mattress. We offer delivery services in your local area and will haul away your old bed for you.

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