No matter how much you might love your bed, there is going to come a time when your only option for a good night’s sleep is to buy a new mattress. Maybe you and your mattress have been good friends and gone through a lot together, but the relationship has to end at some point. The hardest part is figuring out when the time has come to say goodbye, but it’s probably when your sleep quality begins to suffer. Losing sleep is no fun and can be extremely bad for your health, both physical and mental.

Keep in mind that even top brand name mattresses such as Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Biltmore, and others will all need to be replaced at some point in time. While the average lifespan of a good mattress is approximately 8 to 10 years, there are several signs you may need to replace it earlier than this.

Waking Up Hurts

If you find yourself waking up with unexpected pains in your back, neck, shoulders, or lower back, this is a good indication that your mattress is no longer giving you the support it used to. You spend more time on your mattress than any other item of furniture in your home. Over time, it will lose its ability to provide the right amount of support. Of course, it could also mean you are sleeping on a mattress with the wrong level of firmness. Both conditions can be relieved with a new mattress.

How Many Lumps Would You Like?

How would you describe the current state of your mattress? Lumpy? Saggy? Both are signs you need to think about buying a mattress. Over time, your body can and typically will leave impressions in your mattress. If you wake up feeling pain in the morning, take a good look at your mattress. Chances are good you will find impressions and lumps. If you find the impressions are an inch and a half deep or more, it could be time for a new mattress.

Are You Snoozing or Sneezing?

The longer you have your mattress, the more dust and allergens it will attract. You can buy an expensive mattress protector to keep them in the mattress and out of your sinuses. Or maybe you should consider purchasing a new mattress and then putting a top-quality mattress protector on it.

Your Bed or Mine?

Do you find yourself sleeping better on hotel beds than you do your own? While sleeping in a strange bed is usually hard to do, if you find yourself getting a better night’s sleep anywhere but at home, you need to consider buying a mattress.

Age Before Beauty

It’s a simple fact, the older you get, the more your body changes. It might not be that your mattress has reached the point where it needs to be replaced, but that your body has reached the point where you need a new mattress. As your body changes, so too will the level of firmness you need in your mattress.

No matter the type of mattress you need, at Bed’r Mattress, you will always find the best brands, such as Sealy, TempurPedic, Stearns & Foster, Biltmore, Scott Living, and of course our own Bed’r Mattress brand, in stock at the lowest possible prices. If you’ve decided the time has come for buying a mattress, visit us online or visit one of our stores.