Sleep Like Royalty in a Split King Bed

It’s a simple fact; no two people sleep the same. Some sleep hot, others cold. Some like a firm mattress, others prefer a softer feel. Since this is a scientific fact, how can couples ever find the perfect mattress to fit BOTH their needs? We invite you to come into our mattress store in Knoxville and let our “sleep experts” show you how we can help both you and your spouse sleep like royalty every night.

We Have the Split King Bed for You

In every relationship, there has to be a certain amount of compromise. We all do it, whether it’s where to go out to eat, what color to paint the walls, or what kind of car to buy. However, when it comes to buying your next bed from the Bed’r Mattress store in Knoxville, trying to compromise could be a terrible mistake. At least one of you, if not both of you, might not get good, restful sleep.

This is where the “Split King” mattress comes into play. This type of mattress measures 76″ by 80″ and is created by placing two XL twin mattresses side by side. With the right moveable base, you can create your perfect sleeping position.  You can elevate your head to read a book while your spouse is sleeping flat on the other side, along with these other benefits.

Your Health

Elevating the head of your bed is known to help relieve snoring, back pain, GERD, acid reflux, sinus pressure, and many other issues. With a motorized base, you have virtually unlimited adjustability for the head and foot of your mattress. Most mattress stores recommend you buy the motorized base for these exact reasons.

No More Disturbed Sleep

To start with, you will both be sleeping on your own, individual XL Twin mattress that has the perfect level of firmness for you. Next, you have the infinitely adjustable base that lets both of you set your sleeping angle to the perfect angle. Lastly, since your mattresses are separated, you won’t feel the “motion transfer” when your spouse rolls over or gets up the way you do on a standard mattress. No more being woken up when your partner shifts in bed!

Easy to Move

While no one wants to move very often, it does happen. Trying to move a king-size or Cal King mattress purchased in one of our mattress stores upstairs or around a tight corner into your bedroom can be pretty challenging, even for our skilled delivery specialists. The Split King breaks down into two XL Twin mattresses that are much lighter and can be easily moved virtually anywhere in your home.

If you are tired of trying to live with a “compromise” mattress and neither of you sleeps well, the Split King-style mattress may be the answer to your problems. We invite you to visit our Bed’r Mattress store in Knoxville and talk to our expert salespeople. They will work with both of you to find the best possible mattress to fit your style of sleep, any medical issues you might have, and your personal preferences. Visit one of our mattress stores today and start getting a better night’s sleep tonight!

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