Many of us dread the winter months for the cold weather, lack of sunshine and increased likelihood of getting sick. A better mattress can help your body fight off things like the common cold and even the flu. But, sleeping well when you’re already sick can be a challenge.

What happens when you sleep?

Did you know your body is in recovery mode while you sleep? Nighttime sleep is the time for all the cells in your body to begin to repair and renew. To be the healthiest you can be, you truly need the best night’s sleep possible on a regular basis.

Give your immune system a chance to win!

During cold and flu season, it’s more important than ever to support your immune system with a full, healthful nights sleep. Your body needs sleep to arm itself to fight infectious diseases of all kinds. Without proper sleep, your body can actually create a stress response that can negatively affect your health. 

4 things to try for better sleep when you’re congested:

  1. Elevate your head. Support your upper back and head with a few extra pillows or even better, use your adjustable base to raise the head of your bed and avoid having to readjust pillows during the night. 
  2. Keep it cool. Cooler air can be easier to breathe. Lower your heat, and add an extra layer of blankets or clothing to stay warm.
  3. Stay hydrated. Drinking water is ever more important when you are sick. Limit sugary juices, sport drinks and sodas.
  4. Try some honey. For children over the age of 2 and adults, honey can soothe the throat from that irritating tickle that wakes you up with a cough. Try a teaspoon in some warm water before bed. 

The bottom line.

Sleep is a vital part of treating your body well. Let your immune system go to work for you by preparing it for cold and flu season with consistent, healthy sleep patterns. Give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep with a locally, handcrafted brand new mattress on adjustable base from Bed’r Mattress.