Anytime you walk into a mattress store in TN, you find yourself facing an array of different types of mattresses from which to choose. Once upon a time in the not too distant past, the only choice in mattress design was what type of flowers you wanted on the mattress cover. All mattresses featured the same basic innerspring construction. Your choice was soft, medium, or firm. Today, there are infinitely more choices, as our sleep experts can tell you. Let’s take a look at today’s mattress construction.

The Innerspring Mattress

Yes, virtually every mattress store in TN carries this most basic of the many types of mattresses on the market. However, they are quite unlike the innerspring mattress your parents slept on. Today’s innerspring mattresses use a variety of types of spring steel to make the coils, allowing the manufacturer to build different support levels into various areas of the mattress. Many use individually-wrapped pocketed coils for better support and less movement.

The Memory Foam Mattress                

Far from the original designs, today’s memory foam mattresses feature a dense foam core in place of coil springs. On top of this is a layer of open cell premium memory foam. The open cell helps to eliminate the problem many people experienced known as “sleeping hot” — or overheating while asleep — by allowing for better cooling air flow.

The foam helps to keep you from moving around while you sleep, which, in turn, helps to slow down those who experience restless leg syndrome, or just sleep restlessly at night. By encapsulating your body in the foam, the mattress offers superior support that molds with you as you move in your sleep.

The Gel Foam Mattress

Similar in construction to the memory foam, these mattresses feature a special cooling gel layer under the memory foam or cushioned top. The gel is designed to help wick heat away for those who naturally sleep “hot” – the people who can’t sleep without a fan and never use blankets. When combined with the latest open cell memory foam, you might suddenly find you have to use the blankets for the first time.

The Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are still a relatively new addition to the average mattress store in TN. Their construction is a blend of top quality, individually-wrapped coil innersprings and memory foam. They are the perfect mattresses for those who still want the look and feel of an innerspring mattress, with all the benefits of a memory foam mattress. Most of the hybrid mattresses on the market can be used with adjustable bed frames.

Here at Bed’r Mattress, we offer each of the different types of mattresses. Choose from brands like Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic, Bed’r Mattress, Biltmore, and Scott Living and start enjoying a better night’s sleep tonight. If you prefer not to take your new mattress with you, we offer delivery services, and our 100-night sleep guarantee will ensure that, if you’re not satisfied with your mattress purchase, you can exchange it for another mattress within 100 days.