Everyone knows that nothing beats a good night’s sleep and what happens when you aren’t getting one. But why is getting a good night’s sleep so important and will buying a mattress help improve not only the amount of sleep you are getting but also the quality of sleep your body needs to thrive. The are many benefits to getting plenty of quality sleep, the experts at Bed’r Mattress, rated by many as the best mattress store in Knoxville have put together this list of the top five.

  1. Increased Energy

If your body is not getting enough sleep at night, it does not get the rest it needs to recharge your “batteries.” Sleep for your body is much like gasoline for your car; it provides the fuel you need to keep running. When you toss and turn all night long, buying a mattress that is more suited to your sleep needs is a step in the right direction.

  1. The Ability to Be Present

One of the most significant problems you are likely to face when you aren’t getting enough sleep is that your brain does not get the rest it needs to be ready for the coming day. Even the best mattress store in Knoxville can’t help your brain function better if you don’t let them help you find the right mattress.

  1. Increased Productivity

Whether you are in college studying for finals or working on the production line, if you aren’t getting enough sleep, there is no way you are going to be able to reach your maximum capabilities if you aren’t getting enough sleep. Most of us face days in which there never seem to be enough hours to get everything done. When your sleep isn’t deep and fulfilling, it’s like trying to work your way through a thick mental sludge trying to get anything done. Getting plenty of good healthy sleep is an essential part of your success.

  1. Improved Mental Health

No one can go through life dragging themselves from one day to the next as your energy levels seem to keep draining away. If the bed you are currently sleeping in sags in all the wrong places or has lumps that stick up right where your body wants to lay, maybe it’s time you do something about it. This means that the time has come for you to visit the Bed’r Mattress store in Knoxville and let our “Sleep Experts” help you find the right mattress.

  1.  Improved Health

Of all the many reasons to consider buying a mattress, the fact that your body needs a good night’s sleep to maintain good overall health and a healthy immune system might be the best one. In a study conducted by Harvard University that involved 153 different people, it was found that those who averaged less than 7 hours of sleep each night suffered from poorer overall health than those who averaged 8 hours or more.

When you are finally tired of not getting enough sleep, you need the best mattress store in Knoxville to help you find the right mattress and ensure you start getting enough sleep. Come and see us at Bed’r Mattress and start sleeping better as early as today!