Choosing a better mattress for your needs is not a one size fits all scenario. If you suffer from nighttime aches and pains,
you need a sleep expert from Bed’r Mattress to really help you find a good sleep solution. If your
mattress is too soft OR too firm it could be causing you back problems.

Mattress Comfort Levels

There are different comfort levels to choose from when mattress shopping most commonly soft,
medium and firm. At Bed’r Mattress, we break it down even further, offering 7 different comfort
levels! These different comfort levels are designed to get you a better mattress for your personal

Memory Foam & Latex Foam

Without a doubt memory foam has become insanely popular. Memory foam is very good for
contouring to your body, so if pressure points often disrupt your sleep this may be the best choice
for you. Latex foams are also very popular but offer a bit of a springier feel than memory foam.
Latex foam may provide a cooler night’s sleep than memory foam but there are cooling
technologies available in both options.


Innerspring mattresses offer a traditional feel that you probably grew up with. Instead of the
contour or hug of foam mattresses you’ll notice the spine support first on an innerspring mattress.
With so many options for pillow tops and comfort layers, innerspring mattresses are still way more
comfortable than ever before and a great choice for many sleepers.


Often the best of both worlds in any situation can be the best solution. With so many hybrid
options on the market you can have the support of a traditional innerspring mattress and the
comfort of a memory foam. Many of our customers choose a hybrid mattress and are sleeping
better than ever, with noticeably less back pain! Check out a few of our locally handcrafted Bed’r
Mattress hybrid options.

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