In our newest video, we had three customers do a side-by-side comparison of our cooling mattress vs. an alternate brand. All labels were hidden to get a true LIVE first-feel response. 

The result? All three of the participants noted a significant difference in the level of cold between the two choices. Noting that the Bed’r Mattress brand was much, much colder. One of them even asked if the Bed’r Mattress brand one was plugged in! (It wasn’t).  

A first-feel response is powerful when choosing a mattress. Afterall, you’re making a decision on something you’ll sleep on for years to come. However, what’s the MOST exciting to us are the life changing results that our customers are getting with our sleep cool system!

For hot sleepers, we really layer on the cool, going as far as a 5 layer system.


Many brands promise a cool night’s sleep only to be met with disappointment. At Bed’r Mattress, we are serious about our sleep promises! We designed the Cool’r Nights line to be the coolest in the industry. Available in soft, medium, or firm there is a comfort option for any sleeper. Additionally, the Bed’r Nights Collection includes cooling mattresses as well. In that collection, we go as far to offer a Forever Warranty! We have many other cooling mattresses to choose from, you can shop them all at once right here. 


Topping a cooling mattress with a non-cooling topper is going to minimize those wonderful cooling properties that are built into the mattress. The Cool’r Nights mattress protector takes care of that issue. Protect your mattress and layer on another level of cool with this premium ice cool protector. 


Dream Fit’s Luxury Eucalyptus Sheets have been getting rave reviews! Choose from white, gray, green, ivory, or tan. Even if you just start with these sheets alone, you’ll notice that you’re sleeping noticeably cooler. 


The Blu Sleep Ice Gel  pillow is the icing on the cake for our cooling sleep system. As cool as the other side of the pillow… on both sides, all night is a dream come true! This pillow has ventilation holes, is scent free, and made from water expanded memory foam to give you a luxurious, cool place to support your neck and head.

Try cooling mattresses, sheets, and pillows at any of our 4 area locations. 

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