December is a busy time of year for everyone! There is lots to do. You may be finishing out the work year, preparing for guests, making travel plans, and buying gifts all at the same time. Don’t forget to mind your rest! In cold and flu season, rest is especially important to staying healthy so you can enjoy all those fun plans! 

If you’ve been tossing and turning, you need to shop the Bed’r Mattress Christmas Sale! Get a free adjustable base with select purchases and save up to $1099 (12/12/22-12/31/22). Our Sleep Professionals can help you maximize the benefits of quality sleep. With just a few questions, they can quickly narrow down your best options and match you with a perfect sleep system.

Split King Set-Up

Something we run into often, is a couple that has very different sleep needs. Often this delays them from seeking a new mattress because it’s hard to get that perfect match for two. That is no problem at Bed’r Mattress! With a split-king setup, each partner chooses their own mattress. These two mattresses are set up side by side making them the same size as a typical King mattress. You can make your bed like normal and sleep right next to each other. Additionally, the split King set-up is adjustable base compatible! That allows for even more customization.

Custom Mattress Cuts

We have pleased many RV customers by custom-cutting a new mattress to fit their exact needs. No more do they have to tolerate an uncomfortable, thin mattress just because of the space they have to work with. We’d love to make your time on the road Bed’r! Stop in and talk to us about how we can help.

Youth Mattresses

If you’re visiting or hosting family this holiday season, you may find yourself dealing with the comfort (or discomfort) of a bunk bed or youth bed. The options for youth mattresses have come a long way. With multiple comfort options, toppers, and custom cuts we can make sure the kids’ rooms are as welcoming as the other bedrooms in the house. 


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