Blu Sleep – Bio Aloe Surround

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Side sleepers rejoice! This pillow sits on your shoulder and gives full support as you sleep on your side. The shape hugs you right back for even more comfort! Our unique and innovative memory foam feel is incredible, supple and plush. The Bio Aloe Surround is infused with soothing Aloe for a beautiful sleep. We use all natural Aloe Vera oil to construct the foam instead of applying it to the surface of the pillow. Aloe calms the skin and provides antibacterial benefits. We harness the soothing power of nature and combine it with our advanced Italian-made foams for unparalleled performance. We use water to expand our foams in-stead of harsh chemicals which means clean, safe pillows without chemical dry-out. The plush feel supports your head and neck while reducing pressure points. The cool cover keeps the temperature down, and the ventilation holes keep the air flowing throughout the pillow, for an easy and breezy sleep. Our cooling technology is in the fibres and not just a topical treatment, which means it stays cool even after washing. Woven with luxurious Japanese cotton TOYOBO fibers, these covers are cool-to-the-touch and provide long lasting comfort. Great fit for side sleepers.

  • Comforting and cooling memory foam pillow. 300 times more cooling than conventional memory foam.
  • Essential Oil Infused
  • Ventilation channels to help circulate air, promote airflow, and increase cooling.
  • Provides the perfect amount of cushioning while giving enough support for proper spinal alignment. A great fit for side sleepers.
  • Certipur-US Certified
  • Hydro – Expand Technology
  • Made in Italy under fair and cruelty-free conditions.
  • Available in High Profile 6″
  • 5 Year Warranty

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